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Be Green Hub is an incubator program built on the premise of nurturing green and social impact start-ups to accelerate their success as companies with purpose.

Our niche is for start-ups that are past the ideation stage, with no pre/post revenue.  We look for businesses aligned with our vision for a sustainable, impactful, and purposeful economy.

Our verticals of expertise are:

Environment: energy, water, climate, and natural resources.

Food Cycle: agriculture, food production, manufacturing, and retail.

Be Green Hub Benefits

Participation in the Hub provides numerous tangible and intangible benefits from pre-paid incubation services and non-equity-linked financial awards, including:
  • Community Network: you enter a unique and established network including local leaders and organizations that collaborate around the goal of a sustainable economy.
  • Educational Curriculum focused on developing and growing a business and providing social and environmental impact tools.
  • Targeted Mentorship conducted by a group of seasoned business and community professionals that can be leveraged for evaluating business decisions and potentially providing access and referrals into potential networks important to your business.
  • Professional Services Perks from by a network of professionals (e.g., accounting, legal, banking, marketing, etc.) that are chosen for their relevant value and quality of service.
  • Office Space: Hub Participants are entitled to use of the Bethesda Green mailing address, free access to co-working space and conference rooms for 6 months or longer, as well as priority access to for-a-fee closed office rentals.
  • Access to Capital: direct financial awards for eligible and chosen companies and connection to angel investor groups.

Get to Know Our Advisers

Seth Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO Emeritus of Honest Tea; Executive Chairmen of Beyond Meat; Co-Founder of Bethesda Green;Bethesda Resident

Bethesda and Montgomery County are magnets for conscious consumers and employees. With access to three major airports, a highly educated and informed population, there’s no better place to launch a global brand.” 

Jigar Shah, Co-Founder at Generate Capital Inc. and SunEdison; Bethesda Resident

A revolution is needed in the energy sector – for the climate, for our kids. Entrepreneurs have led on deploying climate solutions at scale. Bethesda has many entrepreneurs working in this space and a supportive County looking for deploy solutions. Talented visionary entrepreneurs need the necessary community to thrive and become attractive investable companies.” 

Be Green Hub Cohort: How It Works

Interested in becoming part of the Be Green Hub?

To find out how to get involved with the Be Green Hub, call or email us at info@bethesdagreen.org.EWSLETTER



Your donation will support our efforts to stimulate the next generation of green businesses and initiate programs that promote sustainable living practices.

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