The Be Green Hub is seeking experienced professionals who will share their business acumen with the 2018 cohort of next generation entrepreneurs. We are looking for both generalists and specialists with entrepreneurial experience, ideally in food, energy and environment.

Mentoring is built on a voluntary relationship between mentors and mentees that provides actionable advice and guidance. The success of the relationship depends on enthusiasm and commitment between the mentors and mentees, and the relevant expertise that mentors bring to address the needs of the mentees.

A good match will depend upon the expertise of the mentor and the needs of the mentee.

Mentor-mentee relationships are expected to last from 3 to 6 months, based on completion of milestones and objectives. Relationships may be extended by mutual agreement and notification to Be Green Hub management. The mentor-mentee relationship will largely be driven by the initiative of the mentee and built on a structured and documented approach including setting meeting agendas, meetings dates and fulfilling milestones.

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